1-5 Thames St
Staines TW18

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The project was a two storey vertical extension onto an existing three storey building. The client was a developer looking to provide 14 luxury flats for sale across the two additional floors.


Construction involved a large, steel platform bearing onto the exiting steel frame at roof level by the use of steel stubs penetrating the existing roof covering. We chose a fast-track ‘Fusion-Build’ cassette system for the formation of the superstructure. These were extensively designed and manufactured off site in factory conditions guaranteeing a quick installation by Crane. The advantages of which were ready to go service routes and a quick to achieve weather-tight date whilst meeting all statutory compliances.


The location, being a high street in the centre of Staines, proved challenging. Vast quantities of materials had to be moved into place by various means dependent on their form and volume. Crainage was not allowed to over-sail, so specialist crainage was procured providing a non-slewing jib system to install the superstructure.

By the use of a large material hoist, all fit-out materials were carried to the 4th floor and distributed to each zone strictly on an “as-needed” basis.

Careful delivery schedule management and weekly discussions with suppliers was key. Internally the challenge was of a multiple work-front nature. Selection of the right contractors with the capacity required to work on a rolling ‘production-line’ programme paid benefits. Close out schedules were produced on a room-by-room basis allowing the close out of each task to be communicated directly to the specific operative required to do the works.


The project completed successfully on time to a high standard allowing the client to sell half the units before practical completion.

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