Shawfield Hse
Chelsea SW3

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The structural remodelling of an ex mannequin factory into a gallery style home for a well-known art collector and advertising executive.


The premises, located just off the Kings Road, involved a retained façade and structural alterations within the existing concrete structure. This necessitated the formation of a basement swimming pool; new stair core and removal of the 2nd floor slab to double the ceiling height to 22ft.

The result is a family home with luxury apartments and a pool in the basement for the children together with family space on the ground floor with a Boffi kitchen and Molteni Dada storage.


Challenges were the structural gymnastics required to support the building during the cut and carve works. 120 Mabey props were needed to hold the structure in place whilst re-supporting steels were installed. All beams were within the zone of the slab with no under slinging due to the clients desire to maximise the ceiling heights. This was particularly favoured within the master bedroom where the entire slab was removed with new beams up to 10m long having to be passed carefully by crane through the existing windows.


Clean lines and detailing between finishes was key to forming a seamless white box for displaying the client’s £20m art collection. Completed under a 2-stage contract, we completed on time to the delight of the client and his family.

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